Diplomas and competitive examinations

All the advantages of opting for an Advance Technician Diploma (BTS)

Nowadays, more and more baccalaureate holders are finding it difficult to find the right studies for their profile. Once the baccalaureate is in their pocket, numerous orientation sessions are available to young baccalaureate holders to find out which courses are…

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Diploma: what is a Bachelor?

Because of the professional aspect of the bachelor’s degree, it is very closely scrutinised by the business world. It is therefore increasingly sought-after by students. This flagship course trains learners on several levels in terms of professional and ethical behaviour…

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How to prepare well for your exams?

The preparation of the exams is a fact to be taken into account if you want to go very far in your studies. As a competitive examination, places will be limited. And even if you are a good student, when…

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Which speciality to choose in business school?

Currently, many students will want to continue their studies in business schools. Indeed, the reason why they have chosen to join these business schools is mainly the existence of several specialities that they will be able to opt for. As…

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How does a Business School work?

There are several schools that are specialized in the study of business in Montpellier. This is why it is essential to make a good choice that will fit the profile of the candidate. To find a business school in this…

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How to enter a business school?

Today, business training is one of the most popular courses for French and international students. Schools specialising in this field offer courses that are both theoretically advanced and highly adapted to the business world. Montpellier is a city renowned for…

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