How to study abroad and upgrade your English skills?

The better your English skills, the easier it will be to progress in your projects. Being unable to communicate with others because of the language barrier can make you feel isolated and can hinder your studies. Therefore, understanding and knowing useful words and phrases in English is essential to getting around and feeling more comfortable.

How can you upgrade your English skills and have fun at the same time?

For a start, you can always try reading your favourite novel in English. By reading something you know and love, you can focus on the language used rather than the actual plot. If you prefer watching TV or films to reading novels, you can always learn English while watching your favourite films. You can also opt for a show in your own language and add English subtitles. This way you can read what is happening on the screen while translating the words in your head.

It is also a good idea to practise with classmates who know English. In addition to practising your speaking skills, you can also use this time to correct each other in a friendly and respectful way. To test your level, there is no better way than to take a globally recognised exam. Learning more about the subject would be highly recommended.

Learn one word a day

One of the oldest ways to learn a new language is still one of the most effective. Find a new word every day and set a goal to use it in conversation. There are many ways to do this. You can choose words that you have come across while reading or watching TV and films, or you can download specific apps that suggest words to use. A fun variation of this technique is to choose familiar words and slang that you could use with your future foreign friends.

Becoming familiar with the local accent helps with everyday understanding

If you really want to be prepared for life abroad before you arrive, a great way to practice is to learn the local accent. Watch and listen to local news clips from the area. Although you don't need to speak in the local accent yourself, understanding the distinct vowel sounds of the dialect will help you feel more comfortable when talking to people in your host city.

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