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What is the difference between global MBA and Executive MBA?

There are a few key differences between a global MBA and an Executive MBA. For starters, a global MBA program is typically more comprehensive in scope, covering a wider range of business-related topics. Additionally, a global MBA program is typically…

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What training to become a certified coach?

The duties of a coach are considerable. To become a coach means to be responsible, which requires competence and capacity building training with appropriate personal will and motivation. A responsible coach has important roles. What are these important roles? What…

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What are the new jobs in digital and Big Data?

Given the evolution of technology and the growth of the internet, for some years the world has been living in digitalization. This digital transformation is a revolution and is due to the creation of the concept of the connected world….

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What does the profession of occupational therapist consist of?

Occupational therapy is a profession in the health sector, helping all categories of people, adults and children with physical and mental disorders. Occupational therapists are involved in the treatment of people with disabilities. Their task is to assist patients to…

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Becoming a community manager: the keys to success

The mission of the community manager is to promote a company on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). This profession has been growing considerably in recent years. Here are the keys to becoming a community manager. Learn the basics of…

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Medicine: the sector needs midwives!

Midwives are health professionals. It is important to acquire the necessary skills to do this noble job. However, many people do not like this profession. It is true that it is a tiring job. Being able to participate in the…

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