Diploma: what is a Bachelor?

Because of the professional aspect of the bachelor's degree, it is very closely scrutinised by the business world. It is therefore increasingly sought-after by students. This flagship course trains learners on several levels in terms of professional and ethical behaviour both in practice and in theory.

What is a Bachelor?

A Bachelor's degree is a three-year degree that is mainly offered by consular schools or business schools. Several schools in various fields offer training for a Bachelor's degree. This is different from the university licence in that it is more internationally oriented and its professionalism is supported. This degree attracts recruiters who want to ensure that the people they hire are ready enough for the job and they will not need extra training. There are bachelor courses in communication strategy and in event management in various schools: journalism and media schools, computer schools, art schools, fashion schools, etc. These courses allow you to obtain the bachelor of events diploma, bachelor of communication, bachelor of computer science, bachelor of design, bachelor of art, bachelor of entrepreneurship, bachelor of commerce, bachelor of marketing, bachelor of internet, bachelor of human resources, etc.

How does a Bachelor's degree work?

The Bachelor's degree courses take place over 3 days (13 to 25 hours of classes) per week. Students have a lot of time to do a work placement, to find a student job and to develop their personal projects. The aim of the Bachelor's degree is to enable a student to find a job very quickly after completing his or her studies. Some companies recruit profiles from a bachelor's degree programme because these individuals enter the job market with a solid experience of the realities of a company. Since they are armed with a sense of autonomy and resourcefulness as well as a tendency to versatility, etc.

What are the advantages of the Bachelor's degree?

The bachelor's degree in event management has many advantages. It allows students to become more immersed in the world of professionalism. It offers modules taught by professionals, a sandwich course and work placements in companies. The bachelor's courses are run in project mode, to enable learners to prepare themselves for integration into the business world. It is a curriculum that puts foreign languages and the international aspect at the heart of its objectives and concerns. The training centres offer bachelor's degrees that allow students to discover different cultures and become polyglot.

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