Why do companies rely on the TOEIC to determine the candidate’s level of English?

The "Test of English for International Communication" (T.O.E.I.C) is defined as a test that evaluates the English language skills. By passing this test, you will have a chance to find a job without difficulty. Indeed, companies rely on the TOEIC because it has very distinct objectives. This test is designed to assess your proficiency and mastery of the English language, both orally and in writing. After passing the test, you will receive a certificate. However, it should be noted that these results do not last forever as they have an expiry date. In other words, the test score is only valid for two years in 160 countries. 

The Listening and Reading test

 The TOEIC test is a way of finding out how well you read and understand the English language. This is why, during recruitment, many companies ask for the TOEIC score. In order to pass this test, you must answer 200 questions. These questions are about everyday life and work. In the "reading" assessment, however, you will be required to read a number of texts or correct a partial sentence. In the listening test, there will be dialogues, for example. Therefore, passing your TOEIC® with GlobalExam is a real advantage for your job interview.

The oral and written test

The oral and written test during the TOEIC exam lasts approximately one hour and twenty minutes. In addition, the test will be in the form of multiple-choice questions. This test can show the ability and capacity of a person to understand the English language. This is the reason why different companies rely on the TOEIC test to look at the language skills of their future employees. In addition, in the written exam, candidates will complete, for example, an essay or a paragraph based on an illustration, etc. On the other hand, the oral exam consists of answering some questions.

Using the TOEIC to be hired by a company

It is necessary to master the English language and to be able to apply it in the professional world. In addition, having a language skill is an advantage in a job interview or when writing your CV. Indeed, it allows you to distinguish yourself from other candidates. In general, most companies are attracted to people who are highly qualified in languages. In other words, the TOEIC test is considered a must in the professional world. Therefore, to stand out from other candidates, it is best to mention your TOEIC score in your CV. This will strengthen your application and ensure your integration into the job you want to do.

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