How to enter a business school?

Today, business training is one of the most popular courses for French and international students. Schools specialising in this field offer courses that are both theoretically advanced and highly adapted to the business world. Montpellier is a city renowned for the quality of its higher education establishments, particularly its business schools.

Why study business in Montpellier?

Montpellier is one of the largest student cities in France and is located in zone C in the Hérault department in the Occitanie region. Renowned for its various national and international university institutes, Montpellier welcomes more than 79,000 students each year. And thanks to its diversified economy, the city has several business and management schools. The diplomas and certifications obtained are attested and have accreditations. In addition, there are many business schools in Montpellier that award recognised bac+5 degrees with a Master's degree. Choose a business school in Montpellier that offers different levels of training to meet your expectations. In addition, some business schools offer other levels of courses, notably the Master's course and international programmes. These two programmes offer more in-depth training in management, business and marketing.

Which business course should I choose in Montpellier?

The business school offers two types of business training: initial training and professional training. The initial training is a face-to-face course with a complete academic programme. The time spent in class is therefore longer and mainly focused on theoretical studies. As a rule, students are introduced to practice during the internship periods. In contrast to initial training, vocational training allows students to alternate theoretical and practical teaching in the company during the academic year. This training requires more time and concentration, hence the need for a professional contract or an apprenticeship contract. Indeed, the initial training is more suitable for students with a free time schedule, while the professional training is suitable for hard-working students.

How do I get into a business school in Montpellier?

In order to get into business in Montpellier and obtain a diploma, all students must put together their admission file before going through the entrance exam procedure. They can take the competitive entrance exam directly after graduating from the baccalaureate or even prepare for two years by taking a preparatory course before taking the plunge. However, in all cases, you must register on the platform of the business school in Montpellier. And after obtaining a Licence in Montpellier, you can join other schools in parallel and acquire two additional diplomas at the end of your studies.

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