Which speciality to choose in business school?

Currently, many students will want to continue their studies in business schools. Indeed, the reason why they have chosen to join these business schools is mainly the existence of several specialities that they will be able to opt for. As a result, the most dominant speciality is the one of international commercial negotiator.

International Trade Negotiator: a dominant choice of students

In order to determine the orientation of each student, it is important to make an evaluation of the subjects they have taken throughout the year. After being assessed, each student will be able to determine his or her speciality. However, entering the world of higher education requires good preparation. Depending on the different assessments made, some students have the possibility to become an international trade negotiator. A Bachelor's degree in Business Negotiation takes responsibility for developing the business potential of a portfolio of accounts, particularly major accounts in a sales agency.

Business school: a multitude of choices for specialities

After the baccalaureate, students are faced with the problem of choosing the studies they want to pursue. Generally speaking, business schools offer a wide choice of specialisations at the end of the university course. Therefore, in order to make sure that they make the right choice, students need coaching on the specialisations they will choose. Indeed, in order to be perfectly successful in their career, the business school gives an orientation on the different specialisations existing within the institute. This orientation allows students to define their professional project and to look for their final internships. Among the types of specialisations offered in business schools, many students have chosen to become international commercial negotiators.

Skills required to become a trade negotiator

There are a number of skills required for the position of international trade negotiator. First of all, it is essential to master some foreign languages such as French and English. Indeed, in the context of international trade and globalisation, the negotiator's mission is to exchange products and services between several countries. Therefore, foreign language is an important qualification to be a negotiator. Secondly, diplomas from business schools are required. Then, as a negotiator, the person must master and know perfectly the different technical characteristics of the products and services he/she buys or sells. It is also essential to be a good listener, to have good interpersonal skills, to be very rigorous, to have a good working method, to be better organised and to know how to argue well.

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