All the advantages of opting for an Advance Technician Diploma (BTS)

Nowadays, more and more baccalaureate holders are finding it difficult to find the right studies for their profile. Once the baccalaureate is in their pocket, numerous orientation sessions are available to young baccalaureate holders to find out which courses are compatible with their profile. In an information session, professionals are available to answer every query for each student and help him or her meet their specific needs. Thanks to this session, students can have self-knowledge related to their project. These professionals will guide you in the choice of the appropriate training and professional courses.

What is the BTS training?

Currently, many students opt for the BTS as a training course. From a general point of view, the Advanced Technician Diploma (BTS or ‘Brevet de Technicien Supérieur’) is a 2-year course that will allow you to specialise in a specific field. It is a diploma recognised by the state. You can enrol in public or private high schools or in apprentice training centres. Business schools or management schools are also available to help you obtain the BTS diploma. This diploma can be obtained through initial training, in person or full-time, but these days, many schools offer the BTS training in alternating years.

How does the BTS programme work?

If you wish to continue your studies in the BTS, you should know that the BTS is composed of general courses, i.e., subjects related to general culture, modern languages or general economics. This training is also composed of specialised courses such as business management, logistics or personnel management. A work placement is also required during your BTS training. You will take a final exam before obtaining the Advanced Technician Diploma.

What are the advantages of a BTS course?

In the BTS training, many specialities are available to you. Several fields such as business management, insurance, management, building and public works as well as hotel and catering can be achieved through the BTS training. Unlike other courses, it is important to inform you that the BTS course can be completed without obtaining the Baccalaureate. There are also a lot of job opportunities with the Advanced Technicien Diploma. You can work as a higher technician or in commercial and service activities.

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