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IELTS increasingly recognised internationally!

The IELTS test is one of the English language tests you can take. It assesses your English language skills. To pass IELTS you will need to take a standardised English exam. IELTS exam sessions are organised by the British Council…

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How to study abroad and upgrade your English skills?

The better your English skills, the easier it will be to progress in your projects. Being unable to communicate with others because of the language barrier can make you feel isolated and can hinder your studies. Therefore, understanding and knowing…

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Studying abroad: the ultimate goal of all students!

As a student, it is important to broaden your education and specially to do so abroad. There, you can not only gain knowledge, but also share and learn cultures. Having a foreign degree is also important if you want to…

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Why do companies rely on the TOEIC to determine the candidate’s level of English?

The “Test of English for International Communication” (T.O.E.I.C) is defined as a test that evaluates the English language skills. By passing this test, you will have a chance to find a job without difficulty. Indeed, companies rely on the TOEIC…

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How to get ready for the entrance exams to the prestigious schools

Engineering schools choose their candidates on the basis of a selection procedure, while others prefer admission on the basis of an application, which might be sometimes associated with written and oral tests. By working regularly throughout the year and revising…

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