What does the profession of occupational therapist consist of?

Occupational therapy is a profession in the health sector, helping all categories of people, adults and children with physical and mental disorders. Occupational therapists are involved in the treatment of people with disabilities. Their task is to assist patients to recover human activities.

Occupational therapists work with people who have limited motor and psychomotor skills

Occupational therapists treat people with motor and psychomotor difficulties. This includes people with disabilities, illnesses such as Alzheimer's. In addition, the occupational therapist treats stunted growth and motor disturbances in children and also in older people. Any disabilities resulting from an accident can also be treated by the occupational therapist. He also treats trauma and injuries.

Occupational therapists help patients to maintain human activities

The occupational therapist's role is to help restore the physical and mental abilities of patients so that they can carry out human activities. He intervenes to enable the person with motor disorders to regain autonomy and independence in daily life. He offers re-education exercises in order to restore the movements, relational and sensorimotor capacities of his patients. He accompanies his patients in order to transform movements into functional gestures. In addition, the occupational therapist organises various daily, work and leisure activities to promote the rehabilitation of individuals with impairments.

Occupational therapists assess patients with disabilities

Occupational therapists carry out assessments of people with disabilities. These include neurological, functional, osteoarticular and muscular assessments. They work in paediatric, neurological, psychiatric and rheumatological departments. They also work in rehabilitation and medico-social centres. Occupational therapists are also involved in the study of patients' relational difficulties. They conduct analyses and interviews. They can also provide technical assistance to people. In the course of his work, the occupational therapist provides practical services and advice on material changes in the daily lives of his patients. He helps them with changes to their living space. He provides support services in their professional and personal environment.

This is a profession that requires at least three years of training and a state diploma in occupational therapy. occupational therapists treat all age groups of people suffering from physical, motor, psychological and relational disturbances. They work in health services, medical-social centres and at home. They carry out health assessments, evaluations and analyses in order to study the mental, physical and functional abilities of their patients. Occupational therapists work with doctors, physiotherapists and ortho-prosthetists.

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