Becoming a community manager: the keys to success

The mission of the community manager is to promote a company on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). This profession has been growing considerably in recent years. Here are the keys to becoming a community manager.

Learn the basics of marketing communication and graphic design

Becoming a community manager cannot be improvised. You need to have a minimum of knowledge in the fields of communication, marketing and advertising. Communicating is an art! A community manager has to find the best strategies to develop, improve and manage brand awareness on social networks. One wrong move can have disastrous consequences on the image of a company and therefore on its turnover. For training, you can take courses in the major schools or online. For the self-taught, there are now many books dedicated to community management. Knowledge of graphic design and a good command of several languages are also essential to excel in this profession. Indeed, the community manager must create beautiful advertising posters to promote the company's products or services. In order to reach a wider audience, it is a good idea to publish the various social media posts in several languages.

Establish a good organisation!

The comminuty manager has several tasks: creating and publishing content for advertising purposes on social networks, communicating with Internet users (responding to comments and private messages), monitoring online, etc. Hence the need to set up a good organisation in order to carry out all these tasks and to be reactive in the event of crises. Note that there are online tools that facilitate the execution of such an operation as the correction of texts and the creation of advertising displays. In short, to become a community manager, you need to be methodical and rigorous to avoid being overwhelmed by the work.

Be professional at all times

The community manager spends a lot of time interacting with social network users. Communication with some people can be difficult: dissatisfaction with the services or products offered by the brand, a smear campaign on social networks, etc. Faced with these conflictual situations, the community manager must remain professional and calm. Moreover, any behaviour deemed disrespectful towards customers and Internet users tarnishes the company's image. This kind of negative publicity must be avoided at all costs to preserve the brand's reputation and the public's trust.

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