What are the new jobs in digital and Big Data?

Given the evolution of technology and the growth of the internet, for some years the world has been living in digitalization. This digital transformation is a revolution and is due to the creation of the concept of the connected world. Currently the digital and Big Data business is growing more and more because in this world is constantly changing. Companies in all sectors are indeed exploiting this change to ensure their development.

The advantages of working in digital

Today, digital technology has become a big part of people's daily lives. With the digital sector, your professional future and career will be secure and guaranteed. Having experience in the digital world is a key success factor given the many jobs available in the field. Its advantage is also your independence in your work. Digital jobs give people the opportunity to work at their own pace, to choose their own assignments to multiply their skills. The remuneration is very motivating and tempting. This digital sector gives access to several fields of activity.

Big Data: some examples of jobs

Just like the digital professions, Big Data, also known as the data professions, is currently booming thanks to the explosion of digital data. Companies choose Big Data in their strategy and analyse the data in order to make decisions easily. It is important to follow a training that suits the job you want to do because Big Data requires you to have certain technical skills: mastery of Apache Hadop or Spark, mastery of the NSQL database. There are many jobs that originate from Big Data. The Chief Data Officer is the one who creates the environment to allow all managers to access the information they need. The Data Miner explores the various data available to the company: Data Architect, Data Analyst, etc. 

The various best digital jobs

The digital jobs require the interested parties to undergo a training adjusted to the desired job. Some of these jobs focus on communication and others on marketing. A UX designer is an interface designer. He creates a storytelling and implements a project that fits the brand image, etc. The SEM manager (SEA and SEO) works as a web referrer. The web developer is the one who writes and creates the lines of code using different types of language like front-end and back-end. Other digital jobs like CRM consultant, search engine optimization manager or community manager are also in vogue.

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