Medicine: the sector needs midwives!

Midwives are health professionals. It is important to acquire the necessary skills to do this noble job. However, many people do not like this profession. It is true that it is a tiring job. Being able to participate in the birth of a child though, makes you more willing do this exceptional job. Midwives can give prescriptions and they can diagnose pregnant women.

What are the skills required for the profession of a midwife?

To become a midwife, you have to follow medical training. In France, midwives can diagnose and give medical prescriptions. The public health code describes that the mode of intervention of midwives is on pregnant women and newborns. It is important that the midwife acquires the necessary know-how for the medical monitoring and follow-up of a pregnancy. It is important to teach future mothers how to prepare for the birth of their baby. The midwife must be able to help the mother deliver the baby, be self-sufficient and monitor the labour (at the time of delivery). Otherwise, midwives must have the capacity to recognise complications that are beyond their scope of practice.

Why is midwifery a noble profession?

It is an important area in the field of medicine. In order to become a midwife, you have to follow training in paramedicine (maieutics). This is an important profession, because it is magical to be involved in the birth of a baby. But you also have to be very competent, because you need a lot of experience to help a pregnant woman give birth successfully. You have to be able to spot complications early on to speed up the necessary treatment in the event of a serious complication. Midwives need to attend antenatal clinics to monitor the progress of the foetus and to identify possible complications. In any case, the place of midwifery in society is very important.

Why is this profession increasingly in demand?

During this Covid-19 epidemic, the medical field has been very much affected. However, the Ministry of Health is encouraging the monitoring of pregnant women. Midwives are very exposed to this epidemic, as they are one of the branches of health. To become a midwife, it is important to do internships. They can carry out gynaecological follow-ups, prescriptions, preventions, and procedures (for example, gynaecological ultrasound). Their areas of competence are not limited to childbirth and gynaecological monitoring, they can perform abortions (or voluntary interruption of pregnancy) using medication. Midwives can give vaccinations (for pregnant women and newborns). Their fields of intervention are related to addiction prevention.

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